A harsh and ancient land

The land of Sands and Spirals

This conservative elven nation is one of the oldest kingdoms. It is technologically the least advanced, but has the most magic in the world. The Spiral Tower is head-quartered here. The cultural ways resemble Mali mixed with Arabia. It has a rampant problem with magical drugs and residuum smuggling, they blame on Orianna and the Green Dragon Trading Company.

Talim is a vast, vast land of searing light and barren sands. The elves built their cities in the Orchards, oases sprung up around Moongates (portals to the Feywild). Here the elves can be close to their archfey lords whom they pay homage to and sometimes even worship.

All elven races reside here, including dark elves. The Eladrin hale mostly from their ancient Feywild realms. Once vast and magnificent these kingdoms are shadows of their former selves in a lush and radiant world, now overrun by beasts and monsters. The moongates are their links of these ancient realms and to their Spiral Towers. The Elves live in and around the orchards, most never venture far from these realms. They protect the old realms and the orchards, and are keepers of the faith in the Twin Serpents. The drow are outcasts. They are not permitted to enter the moongates or enter the orchards without close observation. They dwell in the hot harsh desert, constant nomads. They reject the Twin Serpents and instead look to the Nameless Dwellers of the Outer Dark, gods of old and dark powers, whom their warlocks commune with.

The Talimites have not embraced The Temple of Foundation. Instead they follow an ancient tradition called Aethericism. The believe in many gods but the two most important are the Sun Serpent and Chaos Serpent. Its tenets encompasses astrology, alchemy and theosophy.


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