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Adventurers, Begin your next Adventure in the New World!

The New World has a lot to offer. From a wealth of untapped resources, lost relics, and the unique array of flora and fauna. It is a paradise for zoologists, geologists and herbalists. The question ultimately is, what do you want from the New World.

Everyone coming to the new world has been hired by one or more private agencies of the realm. The prolific Green Dragon Trading Company was first to put down the capital for an expedition to the New World. Many a sell-sword signed the company charter agreeing to tithe their treasure with the company. There are several smaller ventures that have sent ships, but none as large or as successful as the GTC. Officials of both the church have had free passage, whilest the cost for lords of the court has been paltry but vital to the success of these expeditions. There are also many officials from Wiverngate University, most of which have come to research and explore the continent thanks to generous grants of the Queen and her loyal subjects.

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