Colonial Factions

The Colonial Army

The Green Dragon Trading Company
The largest and most influential merchant company in the New World Colony. They put down the lion’s share of the investment for the expedition (what with the Crowns massive debts). It is a federation of like minded merchants building plantations, constructing mines, setting up new trade routes throughout the New World.

The Church

The Illuminated Brotherhood
The Crowns Arcane Scepter. Once merely a scholarly organization studying magic, they have become the magical arm of the Empire, though the Archmage profusely proclaims independence from royal influence. (The Queen has no leverage over her cousin afterall?).

They are divided into The Stewards and Battle Mages. Stewards focus on Ritual Magics, Enchantments and Alchemy. Though it is not their focus they are still great combatants, most of which are summoners and artificers. The Battle Mages focus on offensive spells, primarily of a chosen element. These men can be worth 10 trained soldiers in a fight. The High Steward of the colony is Master Septimus.

Special Factions

The Spiral Tower
A rival order of elven mages from the Deserts of Talim. Their order is secretive and spiritual. They believe that all things stem from magic, the great spiral of the universe, and they seek to always reach the center of all things, in this way they might know true wisdom and power. Their orders greatest secret is the that of sword-magic.

Native Factions


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