A golden Apparatus of Kwalish


Magic Item Level: Heroic (Unknown)
Value: Priceless

Size: Huge
Cockpit is approximately the space of a car cabin. Can fit 4 to 5 medium sized creatures, 5 to 7 small sized creatures.

AC: 25 REFLEX: 10 FORT: 28 WILL *(equal to pilots)
*Hit Points
500; Broken 250; Disabled 0; Destroyed -500
Repair Value: 125 Auto-Repairs: 2
Action Points: Same as Pilots

STR 20 (8) DEX (Pilots -2) CON 18 (7)

Piloting Skill: Nature
Claw Arms Control: (Grapple) Intelligence vs. Defense, (Slam) Intelligence vs. Defense
Claw Damage: 5d10 + (Pilot’s Intelligence Modifier)

Long Term Maintenance or Improvements: Arcana, Religion, History(research) (Require’s smithy for salvage and repair. Machine Shop and Artificer or Enchanter for modifications.)

An artificer can repair trilobot with their healing ability.

Any repair or modification requires 10 kilograms of residuum / hit point or point in modification on top of the cost of base materials. Only metals that work are are gold.


The Patchwork brotherhood discovered this robotic vehicle in the undersea realm of Nexus.
The Apparatus of Kwalish is shaped like a trilobite with two pincer claws and is made of solid gold. It appears to be an all-terrain, amphibious vehicle. The pincers smooth to wedges no doubt for cutting through dense jungle or sea-weed, but also are well designed for grabbing and clamping onto objects and surfaces.

Garret realized to control it required getting inside the mind of the creature it was designed from. This came easily for him.

The vehicle was recently traded in a bargain with the dragon Xochotl in exchange for the Golden Wheel

Crabbs strutter loasa.vsm
Artist Rendition of the Kwalish. (Not to Scale)


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