The Silent Cartographer

8 Orbs That Map the Way.


The Silent Cartographer is a series of magic items that when placed into a map matrix create a cartographic map that allows one to observe the world in real time.

The Patchwork Brotherhood first discovered the orbs in the Temple of the Fallen Colossus. Upon Activation they uncovered that the pirates had arrived in the new world, and that another ship, a larger one with black sails was coming to the New World on their heels. One that would arrive within a month’s time.

When the sun reached its zenith it activated a mechanism that gave the party a mysterious key, which later opened and activated the way into The Nexus, where the [:water-node|Water Node]] resides.

The Keeper of Nexus has said that the Silent cartographer can be installed on the top floor to give Nexus the ability to track and redirect the path of the canal, how it does that exactly remains to be seen.

The Silent Cartographer

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