Captain Fitzcaraldo

A good natured sailor with black graying-hair and an adventurous sense about him.


Fitzcaraldo was supposed to be aboard the King Aleksander, Magellan’s flagship, when it took off for the New World. However, his late arrival ended his dreams of exploration and made him something of a laughing stock. He cursed his bad luck, knowing such an expedition would not come again in a lifetime.

When only one ship returned with a reduced crew telling tales of harrowing danger, monstrous beasts and Magellan’s doom by pagan tribals he realized how lucky he really was.

When he heard that a colonial expedition was to be sent out within the year, Fitzcaraldo immediately signed up as captain of the cargo hauler, Kraken’s Weave.

He is interested helping the party in the New World and saw their potential as an adventuring company. He hopes with their help they can find a water-way to the interior of the continent, and perhaps even a passage to the other side of the continent.

He may prove a valuable ally to the party as they begin their exploration of the new world.

The construction of his River Boat, the Manifest Destiny is nearly complete and his expedition should leave any day now.

Captain Fitzcaraldo

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