Black Pierre

A finely dressed Shifter merchant. Don't let his attire fool you, though. He is a predator through and through.


Recent News…

Pierre along with his rivals has been appointed to the Colonial Small Council. They are in charge of public works. He intends to his duty and work. His status with the adventurers so far has put him in the best situation of all, he is also backed up by Benedict, though he doesn’t count on that rats support at all, though he would never accuse him of that publicly.

His main focus is expanding trade into the territory. He has been a leader in establishing the various Bush Camps which serve as havens for adventurers, traders, hunters and outriders.

Fitzcaraldo’s expedition is another enterprise Pierre is strongly interested in. He is sending men loyal to him to make treaties and trade agreements with the natives.

He has so many irons in the fire. All the irons. All the fire.


Hiding under the veneer of his fine dress and and noble bearing, he is but a low-born scoundrel and brigand masquerading as a merchant. He does not strike with brute force however, his weapon is money and influence. His more bestial nature is frequently seen in his interactions with his brothel girls and Content Not Found: madame-rouge. He has little respect for women and only sees them as a means to continuing and growing his mercantile legacy.

He has arrived as the Dean of the Green Dragon Trading Company. Many of their resources remain at his beckon-claw. He already has a warm relationship with the bigwigs of the colony: Wyatt, Master Septimus, Lord Kenzie and the land prospectors. He has not won over father Zebulon, but once his organization is off the ground he find some way to in debt the priest into his favor.

For Pierre, every move is a predatory attack. He is striking to eliminate his competition and strangle the life out of them, until he is the most powerful merchant in the New World. They will be the cudgel which he uses to clobber his political rivals over the head with.

In time, Pierre intends his company branch to become the most profitable and successful in the world.

Black Pierre

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